Service Description Regular Price Special
Ring Sizing Ring sizing up or down $70.00 $45.00
Gemstone Polishing Hair line scratches gemstone polishing  $70.00 $45.00
Gemstone Repair Deep scratches and small abrasions  gemstone re-cutting $120.00 $80.00
Gemstone Certification GIA gemstone certification $140.00 $95.00

Prices do not include gold. Price does not include shipping and insurance. Price reflects MOST rings. Double shank, large rings, eternity bands with gems all the way, rings which sizing may loosen gemstone or affect ring structure are also not included. In such cases we will provide you with an estimate.

Prices do not include shipping and insurance. Price does not include mounted gemstones. Price is only for a few gem types (quartz, some type of beryl, tanzanite, etc.) and up to 10 carats in weight. An estimate will be provided if the gem does not fall within our price special.

Prices do not include shipping and insurance to/from Hubert or to/from the GIA laboratory. Price is for loose stone certification. Diamonds, certain types of gemstones and certain weights are not included.

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