Jewelry takes many bumps and knocks as it is worn and will eventually get a dirty. Fine metals such as gold and platinum like any metal may oxidize even if you don’t wear it. They are also ‘soft metals’ by nature, and the gems or diamonds may become a little lose.

To protect your investment, We recommend that you send your Hubert Jewel for a checkup and professional cleaning every 6 months. This checkup and cleaning is simple, yet can save you thousands of dollars simply by preventing something like a diamond or gemstone from falling out. This precautionary checkup will allow you to enjoy your jewel for many years to come.

The checkup and cleaning service is free for 12 months from the date of purchase (you only pay for shipping). After that it is available for a small fee plus shipping.

To send your jewelry for cleaning or checkup, just use our regular service order form, which will provide you with the instructions of how to send your item. Please see it below.


Send your item for a professional cleaning and checkup.
Instructions and details will be in the printable form.

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