We are glad to see you here. Get to know some of our team members.

  • Hubert Gesser
    Hubert Gesser Designer / Founder

    For over 25 years, Hubert has traveled the globe in search of nature’s most beautiful gems, looking for the best the world has to offer in a spectrum of gemstones. Although gemstones and jewelry seem like a far cry from his background in engineering, his field of study gives him strength in problem solving, which has served him well, particularly with his custom designs that account for more than 50 percent of his business.

  • Susan Gesser
    Susan Gesser Designer

    Susan is also one of the company’s main designers. The experience with pearl grading definitely helps with her keen eye for detail and color, which are some of the abilities that really set her designs apart.

  • Josian G
    Josian G Administrative Director & I.T.
  • Karen Dickson
    Karen Dickson Director of Sales
  • Edelito Oliveira
    Edelito Oliveira Production Manager
  • Elias Junior
    Elias Junior Special Events Manager
  • Mark Cutts
    Mark Cutts Jewelry Consultant
  • Janet Aguilar
    Janet Aguilar Customer Service
  • Sako Karikian
    Sako Karikian Setting Supervisor
  • Jack Karikian
    Jack Karikian Model Making
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