Most diamond and gemstone buyers know that they should consider a stone’s Color, Cut, Clarity and Size before making a purchase. However, very few take into account that gem mining can contribute to environmental destruction, government corruption and unsafe conditions of mine workers, when not done ethically and responsibly.


Recently, due to a Hollywood production, people have become aware of ‘blood diamonds’ which were sold to fund repressive revolutionary groups in a few African countries, and which led the industry to create the Kimberly Process, which tracks a stone from its origin and verifies that its sale is not supporting any of these groups or regimes. Hubert is committed to dealing only with vendors that follow the system of warranties and certification from the Kimberly Process.

There is, unfortunately, no similar tracking system for colored gems, to make sure that they are mined in a social, ethical and responsible way. Transparency and Trace-ability are the base of all ethical claims. Without them no serious claims can be substantiated.

For such reason, when buying gemstones, Hubert Inc. is committed to purchasing colored gemstone only from reputable sources, which are in compliance with the USA Patriot Act and the Jade Act, purchasing mostly rough materials, which are then cut and polished in our studios in the USA.

To our company, it is important to value and maintain strong mining and trading ethics, and caring about the social and environmental well being of the industry. We believe this to be the best and only way to source better goods, help the industry grow and provide our customer with the certainty that they own diamonds and gemstones of good provenance.

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