For nearly 25 years, Hubert Gesser has traveled the globe in search of nature’s most beautiful treasures. Throughout Africa, South America, the Far East and further, Hubert looks for the best the world has to offer in a spectrum of gemstones from classic blue sapphire to exotic Paraiba tourmalines.

Brazilian born and raised Hubert came to the United States when he was 18-years-old, attending the University of California, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree for mechanical engineering. For about a year, he worked for a manufacturer producing aerospace and prototype missile parts, managing a 60-member staff. But when Hubert met someone who traveled the world importing gems, he decided without hesitation, to invest his then entire net worth into loose gemstones which he could resell and distribute. This decision inspired a career change that he would build into a successful gem lapidary house and jewelry manufacturing company known today as Hubert Inc.

Hubert quickly learned how to develop a keen eye for beautiful color in both the most commonly known gems like amethyst, to rarities like natural color cherry topaz and alexandrite. Moreover, he soon realized that more clients wanted finished jewelry, motivating him to build his skills as a designer and surround himself with expert cutters, goldsmiths and wax carvers to get the job done in his L.A. based studio. Eventually he learned firsthand the art of buying and faceting rough as well as the intricacies of handcrafting fine jewelry.

Although gemstones and jewelry seem like a far cry from his background in engineering, Hubert notes that his field of study gives him strength in problem solving, which has served him well, particularly when it comes to custom designs that account for more than 50 percent of his business.

In addition to the beauty in the gems he sources, Hubert has remained fascinated by the interesting people he meets in the business, from artisan miners in the backcountry of Brazil, to royalty such as the Queen of Spain. The stories surrounding gemstones build a lifetime of memories and symbolism for anyone who comes in contact with them.

All of Hubert’s designs are artistically and meticulously constructed, from fun fashion pieces, to one-of-a-kind designs. He is one of the few jewelers involved in every aspect of jewelry making. Although Hubert is the principal designer for the brand, the company also retains additional designers on staff.

“For me, the most inspiring pieces are the ones I do collaboratively with my private clients”

Hubert Jewelry primarily serves customers in the United States, although one third of its business is abroad. The company’s range is vast, accommodating the desires of a broad range of retailers, enthusiasts, and collectors with quality gem-set jewelry that provides great value at every price level offered.

Please watch the short introduction video below, featuring Hubert Gesser.

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