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Hello & Welcome!

Hubert has been creating unique fine jewelry with gemstones and diamonds of over 25 years. Specializing in custom jewelry that ranges from classic blue sapphire to exotic Paraiba tourmaline. Our creative team use precious stones such as alexandrite, morganite, aquamarine, emerald and so many others and artistically transform them into amazing pieces of jewelry. Venture into our world of color, you are just a click away...

Recent Photos & Items

Our Inspiration

From twenty-two years of designing jewelry, we have learned that the gem is the lead actor and will live on far more time than our own time here on earth...

Our Goal

Our goal is to fall in love with each piece of jewelry we create, and the only way to do that is to strive for excellence and quality in every piece, every day...

Our Exhibitions

Interested in seeing more of Hubert's jewelry collection? Visit us during the trade shows, or ask for Hubert's jewelry at your favorite high end jewelry store.